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Not just doors!
Bespokea creates one-off kitchens that use Ikea components to reduce cost. A subtle but significant difference.

Duncan Strong

My name is Duncan Strong. I am the person you will have most to do with at Bespokea and who also makes everything. I began Bespokea in 2015. Using Ikea units as a basis for a one-off kitchen has been a bit of a trade secret for many years, but I believe that I was the first in the UK to specialise in this. Have a look through the case studies. These will give you a good idea of my style and the materials I work with.

Bespokea makes bespoke doors, drawer fronts and end panels that are fully compatible with Ikea Metod kitchen cabinets and fittings. This enables you to create your own one-off kitchen that you can fit yourself or supply to your builder with considerable cash savings on a fully bespoke kitchen. Special cabinets and shelving units can also be made.

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