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After dozens of kitchens
we are closing Bespokea to start something new.
Thank you to all the lovely clients
we have worked with over the past eight years.

Not just doors!
Bespokea creates one-off kitchens that use Ikea components to reduce cost. A subtle but significant difference.

Duncan Strong

Bespokea, a great level of customer service

My name is Duncan and I help people create genuinely bespoke kitchens that keep the cost down by using Ikea units and fittings.

This is different from other companies offering an apparently similar service. I am a one-man business, running a small workshop in Walthamstow. I have no desire to churn out thousands of doors and am happy to let others fill that role. Most years I undertake about 12 projects.

As such I can offer a great level of customer service, as you would expect when commissioning a bespoke kitchen. You are welcome to come and see me as many times as you want during the project, including Saturdays. I will visit your site and meet with you and your builders to work out what special units are needed, how the boiler is going to be accommodated and what to do with that awkward bit under the stairs.

Wide choice of material

If you want a wood faced ply, you have a greater choice than just birch, walnut or oak. I have over 150 samples in the showroom as a starting point, then I take you to the suppliers where you get to select the veneer to be used on your project.

I can, of course, use other materials such as Formica and Fenix. I also offer spray painted kitchens and less well-known boards like Valchromat and Douglas Fir.

Exacting quality standards

As a cabinet maker with formal training and three decades in the profession with my own workshop, I enjoy using a combination of modern German machinery, traditional hand tools and equipment made by myself to create kitchens to my own high standards.

I only use trusted suppliers with whom I have a good relationship, sometimes for over twenty years.

Impeccable customer service

I enjoy getting my clients involved in the process and supporting them through the many decisions they need to make. If you want, I will even come to Ikea with you to make sure the order is correct!

I deliver everything personally in order to ensure that it arrives safely. This also enables me to talk through with your builder about how my bespoke elements fit with the Ikea components.

My latest work

Barnes kitchen by Bespokea
Archway kitchen by Bespokea
Nunhead kitchen by Bespokea

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