Walthamstow, London

Walthamstow, London
Hand lacquered Douglas Fir Plywood
Formica on Birch Ply
What did I make?
Doors and drawer fronts with integral handles
Douglas Fir cladding panels, worktop, shelf
What would I charge for a similar project?

This couple live just a few minutes away from the workshop. This was great for them to pop in and chat about details and for me when visiting the site and coordinating with the builders.

They were keen to maximise storage space and so were planning to use kitchen units on both sides of the room and to have something on the back of the island rather than use it as a breakfast bar.

In my showroom they saw units with Douglas Fir fronts and panels. They liked the informal warmth of this material and decided to use it for the area away from the food preparation. After some discussion, we decided to put shelving on the rear of the island and to make this also in the Douglas Fir. This helps to zone the room, clarifying which bits are kitchen and living room. This is emphasised by using the same material for the surface and long shelf on the living room side, in effect creating a contemporary dresser.

They choose a dark green for the kitchen area and other side of the island. This goes well with the Douglas Fir but also contrasts, helping again to zone the room.

I really like how they treated the worktops and side panels. By not just having an overhang on the worktop but also pulling the side panels out to match, they have created a look that is slightly unusual, but works really well. By having this feature on both sides of the room they have tied the two materials together and given uniformity to the overall scheme.