Green Lanes, London

Green Lanes, London
Spray lacquered Olive Ash veneer on birch ply
Formica on birch ply
What did I make?
Veneered plywood doors
Bespoke shelving units
Secure platform for the island
Under panel incorporating led lighting
Formica doors and drawer fronts with integral handles
What would I charge for a similar project?

The Story

These clients had a design drawn up by their architect. There were restrictions on what could go where because dimensions were dictated by window positions and steel work in the new extension. This meant that the tall units could only be 40cm deep. As a result, the island would contain the hob, oven, sink and dishwasher. There was to be an american style fridge freezer that fitted into an alcove opposite the end of the island.

The architects design was quite complicated, so we simplified it to give much cleaner lines for the tall units to show off the veneer a bit more. We kept the shelving in the island but positioned the shelves to fit the client’s needs. It was felt that it would be a bit much to have veneer all round, so the working side of the island was in Formica. To tie these to the other parts, the integral handles were in the same veneer.

The doors at either end of the tall units were full height. We had already decided to replace the Ikea side panels on these units with ones made from the same material as the doors. This meant that instead of putting handles in the tall doors, I could put a recess in the side panel which allowed the door to be pulled open.

An under panel was made to cover the bottom of the wall units. This has a led strip fitted.

The clients were unsure of the veneer they wanted, so we paid a joint visit to the supplier. We found these fantastic bundles of Olive Ash which were wide enough to cover a door without a join, which is quite rare in this species. I arranged the veneer so that the grain pattern was centred along the middle of the run of units.

One off my pet hates is a wobbly island, so I make plywood bases that can be fixed to the floor and levelled. These provide a secure base for the units, and in this case the shelving, thus creating an extremely solid structure.

Because of the unusual aspects on this project, I paid several visits to site to ensure that everything was fitted correctly.
Some oak steps with built in drawers can be seen in the background of one the photos. I was able to point the client towards a colleague who made and fitted these.