Faversham, Kent

Faversham, Kent
Formica on birch plywood
What did I make?
Doors and drawer fronts with integral handles
Bespoke bookcase
End panels and plinths
What would I charge for a similar project?
What the client said
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Duncan was full of good advice about how to get the effect we wanted and was unfailingly cheerful throughout. The quality of the work is amazing and the installers had everything they needed to do a smashing job. Everyone who has seen it wants one!
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The Story

Having seen a similar kitchen on the website, these clients knew what they wanted for their new extension. They were particularly keen on having two colours – green on the door and drawer fronts, yellow elsewhere. They had decided on the layout, including the bookcase at the end of the tall units. Our meetings were therefore straight away about detail – which shades of yellow and green, where would the handles start and finish, should we use the floor material, oak, as the insert in the handles?

I don’t normally get involved in worktops, but for this project they were going to be the same Formica and thickness as the rest of the project, so these were provided by me. The clients needed some similar material elsewhere in the house, so I pointed them in the direction of a trade supplier with whom they dealt with directly.

I made a preliminary site visit to get an idea of the context and to meet the builder who was going to fit the kitchen. This is something I always try to do, to discuss any issues that might come up when fitting, to see if these are best dealt with by me or the fitter. The only issue here was something that often arises – oven heights. Despite the approximate dimensions being available on line, you never really know how much space the ovens are going to take up until they are installed. This then dictates the height of the door above the ovens. As such, whenever possible I like to make this door after the ovens are in place, thus ensuring a perfect fit. On this occasion, we agreed that the builder would let me know the size required, meaning one less road trip to Faversham for me.

It’s worth pointing out the funky sink selected by the clients. The builder used some of the kitchen offcuts under the sink to hide pipework.