Brixton, London

Brixton, London
Spray lacquered walnut veneer on birch plywood
What did I make?
Doors and drawer fronts with integral handles.
Bespoke bookcase
Tall units
Cat unit
What would I charge for a similar project?
Photography: Tim Croker

The Story

This was a project lead by the architects in terms of design and layout. It was part of a major extension. My role was to work out the best way to make it, suggest materials and offer alternatives for various details. This involved various site visits and coordination with the builder, architect and clients.

I accompanied the architect to the veneer suppliers where we came across a species that I hadn’t seen before. As it turns out, nobody has been able to identify it! However, the architect felt it was ideal for this project and a sample was submitted to the clients for approval. Once given, I had the veneer cut to the width I needed for the project and laid onto birch plywood. This meant that I had a consistent colour and consecutive grain pattern to create the look we wanted for the kitchen.

The tall units were quite a challenge on this project. Behind the book case are the remains of the original exterior wall, left to support steel work. As well as concealing this, the tall units had to have a consistent shadow gap to the ceiling and contain a fridge freezer as well as a freestanding washing machine and a tumble dryer. All this was achieved by adapting Ikea units and making new ones as required. To ensure the bookcase was going to fit, I made a full-sized template that I took to site and put in place to check for size.

A dilemma that had to be resolved on this project was how the cat was going to get in and out of the flat. Because of the amount of glass in the project, the only wall that was available to place a cat flap was at the end of the run of base units. However, there was a raised bed on the outside of the wall. The solution was a bespoke unit with steps inside enabling the cat to exit at the correct height.
Other details to note on this project are the vertical grain on the plinths and the veneer inserts at the rear of the integral handles.

The project was featured in Grand Designs Magazine June 2018.