How does it work?

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It starts off as a simple idea – buy units from Ikea, doors from a nice-looking website, appliances and worktops from elsewhere and your builder will make it all come together. Sometimes it all works out ok, but you need to be aware that you have just become a kitchen planner and project manager, and everyone involved will be looking to you for guidance and answers.

My role is not to not only supply the bespoke elements of your kitchen, but to support you as you make the many decisions needed to commission a unique kitchen on a budget.

To begin, get in touch! Send me any plans you have (Ikea or Architects) and let me know which of the case studies you like. This is so I can give you an estimate of what the bespoke elements of your project are likely to cost.

If the budget looks ok, we then meet up at my workshop in Walthamstow. I have a Bespokea kitchen set up and a cupboard full of samples to look at so we can push into the detail and firm up the price.

I always visit the site to get a view of the project as a whole and very importantly, to meet your builder. This establishes a crucial flow of information that makes the whole project run smoothly.

Materials are ordered before the project starts to ensure they are correct and to hand when needed. This may involve taking you to visit the suppliers.

You will need to order the units and fittings from Ikea. I can help you with this, including accompanying you to either the Edmonton or Greenwich stores for a planning session to ensure that everything is ordered correctly.

I try to coordinate the making of the kitchen with progress on site. Sometimes I need site dimensions, so I will visit as necessary to make sure everything is going to fit.

I always deliver myself in order to handover to your builders and am available to help with any queries that arise during the fitting process.

Unfortunately, I can only offer this level of service within a 90-minute drive from Walthamstow East London.