How does it work?

Bespokea worskhop
Bespokea Meeting

In our showroom

Have a look through the case studies. These will give you a good idea of my style and the materials I work with.

At some point you will need to create an Ikea plan, either online or instore. This will create a list of parts you will need to purchase to work with the bespoke elements.

I will give you an estimate of the cost as early in the process as possible. If you send me your Ikea plan I can give you a ball park cost before we meet up.

Come and see me! It is a vital part of commissioning a unique kitchen that we meet, get to know each other, talk through your design, spot any potential problems early on. You will be able to examine a Bespokea kitchen up close as well as looking at a range of samples and handle options. You are welcome to have a look around the workshop and come back to see your kitchen being made.

I always visit the site before making anything. This enables me to check for issues that can be resolved anything is made, discuss any access issues for delivery and ideally to meet and chat with your builder or fitters.

I will only sell you what I have made in my own workshop. This means that I don’t sell appliances, worktops etc. Whenever possible, I will point you in the direction of suppliers who will offer a good price.
Unfortunately, the level of service I offer means that I cannot reach all parts of the country. As a rule, I am happy to have a 90-minute drive from Walthamstow to pay a site visit.